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The Etiquette Consulting Group International

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About Us

Tamlyn L. Franklin​

Image and Etiquette Trainer

The Etiquette Consulting Group International is a professional development and training firm, founded to share the importance of etiquette in society, business, and at home. The Etiquette Consulting Group International believes that the importance of proper etiquette, every day of every year, has been inadvertently diminished by many individuals and businesses. The Etiquette Consulting Group International was founded by Tamlyn L. Franklin.

Tamlyn is a certified Image and Etiquette Trainer: She received her certification through the “Professional Woman” Network, a national and international consulting organization specializing in professional and career development. Tamlyn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration degree. Tamlyn’s relentless quest for self-development and her multi-faceted background provide a solid foundation to assist both individuals and organizations in achieving their aspirations with style and grace.

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The Etiquette Consulting Group International’s mission is to encourage individuals and organizations to use proper etiquette everyday.


The Etiquette Consulting Group International’s vision is for individuals to successfully achieve personal, professional, and business goals with style and grace.


The Etiquette Consulting Group International has three primary objectives:

  • To provide the tools and knowledge of the rules of living and doing business in our society
  • To serve as a reference for answers to social problems
  • To serve as a resource for major and minor questions of etiquette; to assist individuals and organizations in successfully achieving personal and professional goals.

Tamlyn firmly believes that no one is exempt from etiquette and etiquette never goes out of style. She is confident that individuals (children, young adults, and adults) and organizations, with the proper information, preparation and training, can successfully achieve their goals with style and grace!